Hernández and Petro, in a technical tie for the Colombian presidential elections according to a survey

The far-right presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández would obtain 48.2 percent of the vote, compared to 46.5 percent for Gustavo Petro (left) in the second round of the presidential elections that will be held on June 19 in Colombia, according to a poll, so both candidates are in a technical tie.

The Guarumo and EcoAnalítica study for ‘El Tiempo’ also points to a 5.3 percent blank vote, more than three points less than a week ago. In the study published last week, it was also Hernández who led the survey (46.4-43.3 percent). The margin of error in both cases is 2.5 percentage points.

By region, Hernández would win in Antioquia and the Coffee Region with 60.2 percent compared to 32.5 percent for Petro with a blank vote of 7.3 percent. He also prevails in the center-east (62.2-33.7).

Petro would prevail on the Atlantic coast (60.8-34.7 percent) and in the southwest (61.3-33.7 percent). The big difference is in Bogotá, where the distance between the two is 14 points (54.0-40.6 percent in favor of Petro). The blank vote of the capital is 5.4 percent.


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