Hernández and O’Brien lead Leones to their first victory

Elier Hernández and Peter O’Brien were the protagonists this Monday of the first victory of the Lions of the Chosen in the 2022-2023 Dominican winter baseball season against the Gigantes del Cibao, in a match that ended 4-2 at the Quisqueya stadium John Marichal.

The match was a pitching duel between starters Josh Smith, for the long-haired, and Jorge Martínez, for the Franco-Macorisanos, in the first four innings, in which they did not allow annotations.

However, the locals broke the ice with a couple of laps in the fifth inning, in which Martínez hit O’Brien, who swindled second base, and then walked Anderson Feliz. Both runners stepped on the plate with a double by Hernández to left field, a hit connected to Luis Santos, who replaced Martínez.

The Reds scored again in the seventh against José Valdez’s shipments, whom O’Brien welcomed with a double to the safety zone of left field, and then scored with a single to the short field of the same zone by Sandro Fabián, who swindled second base and scored by mistake by shortstop Liover Peguero on a grounder hit by Eddys Leonard.

The relievers from the capital Anderson Severino (0.1), Rhiner Cruz (1.0), Elvis Peguero (1.0), Gerson Bautista (1.0) combined to shoot 4.1 chapters of only two hits. Smith went out without a decision to act in 4.2 innings, five hits, two strikeouts and three walks. The game was won by Severino (1-0). The loser was Martínez (0-1).

The visitors’ two streaks came in the ninth inning against Enoli Paredes, who, after one out, allowed four consecutive hits, including a double by Tito Polo, but a double play on a grounder by Liover Peguero by second base ended the meeting.

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For the Lions, O’Brien went 1-3 with a double, two runs scored and a stolen base; Hernández, 3-1, with a double and two RBIs; and Fabián, 3-1, with one scored and one made. For Cibaeños, Dariel López batted 3-3, with a run scored and a base on balls, and Polo, 2-4, with a double, a run scored, an RBI and a stolen base.

After the victory, the Chosen One (1-2) tied with the Northeasterners. The scarlet ones will continue in the Quisqueya this Tuesday to receive the Eastern Stars at 7:15 at night.

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