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Herlings takes his second MXGP World title

Herlings se lleva su segundo título Mundial de MXGP

Jeffrey Herlings is the new Motocross world champion, one of the most disputed and exciting in recent times, which has been decided in the last round of the last GP, that of Matua.

The dutch arrived three points away from Romain Febvre to the first race, in which the KTM driver achieved victory and left the general standings in a draw, after the Frenchman’s second place. Prado went all out and got a new ‘Holeshot’ again and invited himself to a fight between his partner and Febvre’s Kawasaki, which the Swiss Seewer did not want to miss either, competing for fourth place overall with the Spanish. Fast took the lead from the Dutch KTM, while the Lugo was used to cover the Kawasaki of the French. In the end Febvre managed to beat the Spaniard and reached the finish line second, behind Herlings, who tied the overall, and ahead of Gajser, who was already running out of options for Race 2. Meadow, meanwhile, was fifth behind Seewer, his rival for fourth place. Less luck had Cairoli in this first appearance, the penultimate for him, since an incident with the Swiss left him out of the race.

With everything tied, the last and final race of the year started. Prado repeated success and another ‘Holeshot’, but was soon passed by Febvre and much more easily by Herlings, your partner in KTM. Later Gajser, third challenger defeated and dethroned in the previous race, did the same and the sleeve was left with the three best of the year commanding. Herlings then took advantage of his pace to overtake Febvre, who shortly after if he went to the ground, fall preceded by some failure product of the frantic head rhythm and that it relegated to third place. The Dutchman was putting everything in his face, and not even his fight with the Slovenian Gajser made him lose sight of the goal, which he achieved with another victory, closing the double in Mantua and winning the World Cup in the category, to which we must add others three in MX2. Gajser, second in finish, thus yielded his title to the KTM, a title that Febvre had close to, and perhaps deserved it. As has been deserved by Herlings, whose shoulder blade was fractured by an accident in the event in his country and despite everything he won that sleeve. He did not run the next three and when he returned he did it 75 points down. All a heroism.

Otherwise, Jorge Prado, seventh, could not achieve the fourth place in the general, It was for Seewer and Cairoli said goodbye to the elite with a tenth place. Rubén Fernández, meanwhile, completed another worthy performance with the 450, with 12th and 6th place.

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