Here’s what the Ethereum founder is looking forward to in 2023

The founder of it Ethereum (ETH) network, Vitalik Buterin, is into it. He’s careful bullish for 2023 and expects his Ethereum to reach some important milestones. One of the most important updates that will be launched on the network this year is EIP-4884, which will take the network one step closer to the ultimate goal.

Founder Ethereum is bullish

The Ethereum founder made his statements in response to a question from Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan. Buterin indicated that he is optimistic that in 2023 the Ethereum network can make big steps in the right direction again.

He also shared the famous one again roadmap which visualizes in detail what the future plans are for Ethereum. We now have it merge part of this roadmap already behind us and we have arrived at the surge.

EIP-4844 is the first major update in this stage of development. It will lay the foundation for the so-called roll-up scaling. What this rollup scaling means in plain English is that the network can then process multiple transactions as a single transaction. So that would greatly benefit the transaction capacity of Ethereum, which can still be a problem today.

So it looks like 2023 will be another year full of major updates for Ethereum, and this is also why Buterin is bullish in 2023. This while in 2022, perhaps one of the largest updates on a crypto network ever was made when Ethereum switched from proof of work nasty proof of stake during the merge.

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The future of crypto

On December 30, Buterin shared on Twitter also what his overarching ideal image for the entire crypto industry would be in the future. According to him, it is important that a number of major shortcomings are resolved. These include the lack of privacy, the scaling of crypto networks and a more secure experience for users

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