Home Science Here’s how to find out which artists you listen to the most

Here’s how to find out which artists you listen to the most

Here's how to find out which artists you listen to the most

The end of the year is approaching and with it the reflection and analysis of what has been experienced in the last year Spotify is not far behind, as this year the most famous digital music platform has highlighted the most outstanding artists in the world, in every country and even among every user. Spotify packed It is already a tradition and on these days Internet users flood their social networks with it Listening statistics for your Spotify account to show his inner world and his taste in music.

When it comes to tastes, colors and music, also because preferences can be generalized, but everyone has very personal tastes. This is clearly reflected, albeit on a global scale Taylor Swift managed to dethrone Bad Bunny As the number one artist of 2023, the Puerto Rican secured his gold medal on the podium in Spain. Hence the platform Streaming Audio once again gives you personalized analysis, but with some new features.

How to discover your Wrapped 2023

To access the analysis, the first thing to highlight is that you must do so Update the app to the latest version to view the slides designed by Spotify. If you have an earlier version, the functionality may not work correctly.

After making the appropriate updates, you need to go to the Home tab on your device and a bubble will appear saying “X, you Wrapped 2023 is here.” Clicking this button opens slides full of stats on artists, songs, etc. Genres. However, this year, in addition to the “Music” or “Podcasts” tabs at the top of the screen, “Wrapped” now also appears. In this new tab, in addition to viewing the slides, you can also explore the topics “News from Artists”, “Merchandising for You” either “Your most frequently heard songs”.

Features for 2023

  • As usual, the Wrapped campaign allows users Share music tastes on Spotify via social networks.
  • Download the slides to your phone to publish the information later.
  • Add the most listened to songs Create Spotify library and playlists.
  • Consult the Podcasts most listened to this year 2023.
  • Some Artists recorded a thank you video to his most loyal followers.
  • It also facilitates the possibility of Discover the most listened to songs in 2023 in the application.
  • Offers various products Merchandising Favorite artist the listener.

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