Hot chocolate is one of the French breakfast essentials. The magazine 60 Million Consumers looked at the composition of about fifteen references of powdered chocolate from major brands to distinguish those which are of nutritional interest.

His first observation is without appeal: there would be too much sugar in all the products, that is to say on average 20 g per bowl of 200 ml.

Another criticism, the amount of fiber is considered insufficient in the majority of chocolate powders. The less cocoa they contain, the less fiber they are.

It is therefore logical that the raw organic cocoa of the Bordeaux brand Jolivia rises to the top of the ranking with a score of 16.5 / 20.

It contains little sugar and no additives, according to the survey published in the October issue of the magazine.

For the magazine, the best powdered chocolate is still the one made with pure cocoa that is sweetened with sugar but “in moderate quantities”.


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