Magnesium has many benefits. It participates in the metabolism of essential fatty acids and prevents cardiovascular problems. It is also a natural anti-stress that we recommend in times of high tension. A deficiency will manifest itself as anxiety, sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue. Here are the foods that contain the most.

Sardines in oil

Sardines are real health benefits. They contain many benefits in their small box. When drained, 100 grams of sardines in oil is 38.5 micrograms of magnesium. Served as an aperitif on toast or in a potato salad, there is no shortage of ideas to enjoy it.

Coriander seeds

Once in the mouth, they reveal all their flavor. Coriander seeds are also an important source of magnesium. They contain 330 micrograms per 100 gram serving. They are used in curry-based dishes. They also go well with a mushroom salad.

The almonds

Nutritionists recommend consuming around 30g of oilseed for breakfast. Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts … they are rich in fiber and thus improve digestion by regulating intestinal transit. They also help fight against cardiovascular disease. Finally, they are very rich in magnesium.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is arguably the best-known source of magnesium. To fully enjoy it, we will turn to chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (70%). More bitter, it is also better endowed with magnesium. A small square, or even two, every day will therefore do the greatest good.


These tiny seashells that are not easy to catch deep in their shells have incredible benefits. It is one of the most magnesium-rich shellfish, at over 300 micrograms per 100 grams. Be careful to cook them well, six minutes in boiling water. Cooked whelks are also recommended for a magnesium cure.


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