Her first film flopped at the age of 20, then made a comeback after 7 years and won a place in everyone’s heart

Do you remember Bhanwar Singh from the smash hit movie Pushpa? Yes, the same inspector who tries his best to save Lal Chandan from being stolen but fails. Perhaps you too were convinced by his acting. Yes, today is the birthday of the same Fahad Fasil. Whether it’s in the South or in Bollywood, Fahad Faasil, who has made a name for himself with his acting, has turned 41 today. Fahad started his acting career at the age of 20 but this film was a big failure. What happened then, after 7 years he made such a comeback that his acting world is convincing today. Today he has won a National Award and three Filmfare Awards. So let’s take a look at the interesting stories from his life on this special occasion.

Fahad was born on August 8, 1982 to filmmaker Fazil. At the age of 20 he directed his father’s romance film Kaithum Dorath. Although this film was a big flop. After that, he only appeared in any film for seven years. Everyone had believed that Fahad would have turned away from acting. However, he was preparing for a strong comeback during this period. Something similar happened when his film Anthology Film Kerala Cafe came out after seven years. He then shot the short film Mrityunjayam. This earned him recognition. In 2011, the film Chappa Kurishu earned him a place in everyone’s heart. He won the Kerala State Award for this film.

Fahad’s film Bangalore Days was released in 2014. Which people liked so much that it became the highest grossing film in Malayalam. Fahad had previously made many films. He was considered the best actor in the Southern industry, but he was unknown to Hindi audiences. Then one day, Fahad got a movie that made him a pan-India star.

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It is none other than Pushpa, the biggest movie of 2021. Starring Allu Arjun, Fahad made a different impression with his acting in this movie. People couldn’t hate the role of Bhanwar Singh he played. He rather lost his heart from his acting. Also, this was the film that brought Fahad recognition across the country.

Fahad has acted in 50 films so far. During this time his acting dominance was such that he won 19 awards, including one national and three Filmfare awards. He has also been awarded the Kerala State Award four times.

Now the audience is eagerly awaiting “Pushpa 2” with Allu Arjun and Fahadh. If the reports are to be believed, Fahad’s character will be even more dangerous here. In such a situation, fans are very excited to see the dreaded Bhanwar Singh in this movie.

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