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Henry Cavill: From Superman to Captain British? The actor confides

Henry cavill expresses interest in joining the MarvelCinematicUniverse, ideally as a modernized version of Captain Britain. The actor, English moreover, played Superman in the DCEU since leaving Man of steel in 2013, reprized his role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and in both versions of Justice League.

The version ofHenry cavill seems to be benched Warner, despite the fierce will of the actor who does not wish to put down his cape, following their virtual abandonment of an MCU-esque timeline after the bad reception of the film Justice League, trashed by this dear JossWhedon. In addition, a Superman film proposed by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and directed by Michael B. Jordan is currently in production.

Captain Britain, the alter ego of Brian Braddock, was featured in issue 1 of Captain Britain Weekly from Marvel comics in 1976. UK flagship hero Brian Braddock was endowed with extraordinary strength and speed, flight and energy beams by the magician Merlyn, who entrusted the hero with the task of making respect the law as a protector. Captain britain has a long history in comics, most notably as a member of Secret Avengers and Illuminati, but also as a leader of his own team known as Excalibur. The rather retro side of the character is very similar to that of Steve Rogers, obviously his adaptation to the screen should be modernized if we want to avoid the hero the label of copy / paste.

Henry Cavill is no longer Superman: Warner is looking for a new actor

In an interview with THR, when asked if he would consider moving from the universe DC to that of Marvel, Henry Cavill first specifies that he would not want a character already played by another actor. He has, however, seen fan castings featuring him as Captain Britain, and says playing it “would be a lot of fun”. Comparing the potential role to its transatlantic counterpart, Henry cavill would like to modernize the character in the same way as Marvel did it with Captain america :

I’m never gonna tell a Marvel character who’s already played by someone else […] because everyone is doing such an amazing job. However, I have the internet and have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain and it would be a lot of fun to make a cool, modernized version of it – like they modernized Captain America. There is something fun about it, and I love being British.

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