Henny Reistad, the best player in a European Championship without outstanding Spaniards

Henny Reistad, the best player in a European Championship without outstanding Spaniards

The EHF has not waited for the consolation or the final of the European Championship to publicize what is its ideal seven of the tournament, which also includes the best player and the best defender. There are no Spaniards, although the position of the teams does not affect too much when it comes to highlighting the individual onesand in fact they do not appear Swedish (fifth) or from the Netherlands (sixth), but from Romania and Hungary, far from the privileged positions.

The Norwegian Henny Reistad, a 23-year-old, 1.81-meter central or left-back, as appropriate, has been chosen the most valuable in the European Championship. Reistad has agreed to start with his country in part due to the injury of Veronica Kristiansen (30 years, 1.75 meters) the starter in the last successes of the selection of his country. Stine Oftedal (31. 1.68), the center back of the Norwegians, She continues as the best in her position in one more championship, although Nora Mork leaves that ideal seven to leave her position as right back to the left to the Hungarian Jovanka Radicevic (1.69, 36). The other side is the Romanian right-hander Cristina Neagu (1.80, 34I, who at times kept the faith of her country to do something important.


The best goalkeeper in the opinion of the EHF technicians is the French Cleopatre cleo Darleux (1.75, 33), although Silje Solberg (Norway) in the direct duel between the teams of both countries was above, with a success rate of more than forty percent. The pivot Pauletta Foppa (21, 1.79) is also French, one of the ones that have stood out in this championship, with the extremes Emma Friis (23, 1.62, from Denmark) on the left and veteran Jovanka Radicevic (36, 1.64, from Montenegro) on the right. And as the best defense specialist, heDanish Kathrine Heindahl, well-seasoned (1.85, 30 years old) and insurance for his team.


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