Hema Malini was a strict mother in real life, her daughter Isha had revealed, she said that her mother tortured her a lot.

Hema Malini has been a very beautiful and veteran Bollywood actress. She made everyone go crazy not only with her beauty and acting but also with her dancing. Hema has millions of fans even at this age. The Bollywood dream girl is the wife of Dharmendra and mother of two daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. At the same time, Hema Malini, who seems innocent on screen, is said to have been a strict mother in real life. When she talked about this during an interview, the actress gave a clarification about it.

In fact, Hema Malini once came to Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat show with her daughter Esha Deol. During this, the show’s host Rajat Sharma accused the actress that Hema Malini is two-faced. She looks innocent in the movies, but when she’s behind the camera, she’s very strict with Isha. In this regard, Hema Malini said with a smile that the work of a director has to be very strict. It is the director’s job to determine what we want to achieve. I am lucky to be able to do soft and hard papers.

After this, Rajat Sharma asked Isha how much her mother Hema tortured her. About this, Esha Deol said that she was tortured a lot. Isha said that her mother made her run on a camel for 10 days. Isha recounts that there was a camel race sequence in her film Tell Me O Khuda. All the shots were done but mom Hema wanted her to do a shot where she had to run and sit on the camel. I asked my mother a lot that I don’t want to do. But the next day when I got to the set, the camel was already there and the camera was set up. Mom said run and jump as soon as she got there. Somehow I made that shot.

Isha said that her feet had blisters and that she also used to cry. At the same time, Isha also recounted that by being shot, her mother had hung her upside down from the building. However, Hema said that the sequence was like this, I did not hang the villain. Isha also revealed that when her father Dharmendra came on set and saw her hanging upside down, she freaked out and immediately went to the fight master and said, “Take a quick photo, my daughter is hanging upside down.” And then the fighting master also got scared and the shot was quickly taken.

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