Helpless father forced to carry his son’s body in a bag

In the Indian province of West Bengal, a father had to carry the body of his 6-month-old son in a bag due to lack of money for an ambulance.

Lacking Rs 8,000 for an ambulance in the Indian state of West Bengal, a grieving father had to carry his 6-month-old baby’s body in a bag by bus to his native village of Kaliaganj, about 200 km from Siliguri.

The victim, Ashim Deb Sharma, while talking to the media on Sunday, said that my 6-month-old baby was undergoing treatment in a government hospital in Siliguri, he died last night, I spent 16 days on his treatment. Spent 1000 rupees, when I spoke to the ambulance man to take my child’s body, he asked for 8000 rupees, but I didn’t have the money.

The father of the deceased child said that he put the child’s body in a bag and boarded a bus to his home in Kaliganj, about 200 km from Siliguri, not allowing anyone to touch him because he was afraid. That if the passengers or the bus conductor gets to know the truth, they will remove him from the bus.

He said that he also begged the ambulance operator under the free government ambulance service scheme but he said that the free service was only for patients and not for dead bodies.

Deb Sharma said, I was shocked to hear the response of the ambulance driver and I had no other option but to take the body of the child in a bag.

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