Hell is orange

The driver of the bus that takes the Press to Zandvoort warns: “This is a circuit for men, not for children.” The phrase has not been very politically correct. The accesses seem tortuous, between the city of Harlem and the dunes of the Dutch coast, and the vast majority of the 70,000 fans who will heat the stands every day have not yet arrived. It is, in a way, an unfinished stage: there are workers crossing stairs, drills sound under the VIP area and even in the hospitality of the teams are missing details to polish. Everything has a certain air of temporality. The temperature is pleasant and it will not rain.

The first Dutch GP has been possible because Verstappen has been the object of pilgrimage for the last few seasons across the globe. Heineken assumed, as sponsor, part of the investment necessary to enable an old-school track, Zandvoort, which modified sections of the route and established two banked curves to facilitate overtaking. It does not seem enough, “we will enjoy Saturday”, predicts Max. Everyone is chasing him this weekend, also while he was completing a lap of the track on foot.

“When my father came, in 2000 or there, and then in F3 races, maybe I saw Carlos (Sainz) running in F3. In addition to the DTM. I have memories here. All drivers are very interested in banked corners and when you walk down the track you realize that it is very special, there are details that are not common in other circuits. The first curves are ‘easy bottom’, but from the third it will be interesting. It was designed by the same person as Suzuka (or the Jarama) and It’s an ‘old-school’ track, if you make a mistake and you make a mistake, you get a punishment. “

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The home crowd has their hero and also the villain, Hamilton, who has been booed since the Silverstone incident. The pressure can reach highs this weekend and also Verstappen did not get wet, which is already a way to position: “I’m not the one to tell fans to whistle or not to whistle and if I told them not to whistle, I don’t think they would listen to me either. I’m in charge of racing on the track and I hope that the public will enjoy watching the cars go by. “The Mercedes with three points of rent over the Red Bull leads the classification.

“Russell would make it difficult for Hamilton”

The Dutchman left more details of the heated atmosphere at the press conference when he assured that “Russell would make it difficult for Lewis at Mercedes.” The young Englishman, by the way, confirmed that he knows where he is going to drive since before Spa, but did not say that it is Mercedes.

Hamilton laugh inside. “I have had very fast teammates, like Alonso, and I have nothing to prove”, he snapped. The English appeared dressed in orange in the country orange, prepared for what may happen against the tide of Mad Max. Boos? “It is something that can be expected, we have already seen the orange fans in other places. I would never boo, but I understand it, it is part of the passion and that they do not like their opponents. I have always liked Holland, Amsterdam is one of the best cities and I know that I have fans here. Even if they are a very small portion in the stands. This is sport, I try to change that energy and make it positive to drive. “

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