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Helicopter crashes in Madagascar, minister swims to life

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A government minister in the African country of Madagascar claims he managed to swim ashore for 12 hours after a helicopter crashed into the sea during a rescue mission.

The British news agency BBC “This is not the time for me to die,” said Madagascar’s Minister of Police Sergei Gail.

Sergei Gail and two other security officials aboard the helicopter also survived the crash.

The Madagascar team was inspecting the area where a passenger boat sank in the northeastern part of the country by helicopter on the night of September 20.

The country’s maritime agency said yesterday that the death toll from the sinking had risen to 64 while another 20 people were missing.

Reuters quoted a maritime agency official as saying that the boat that crashed was a cargo ship that was not allowed to carry passengers, the boat was overloaded and its engine was filled with water. had gone.

At least 45 survivors have been rescued, according to the Maritime Agency.

On Twitter, Madagascar’s President Andrei Rajolina offered his condolences on the deaths, and paid tribute to Police Minister Sergei Gail and his colleagues who had arrived separately in the coastal town of Mahambo.

He said the helicopter pilot and another military officer were still missing.

Speaking yesterday, Sergei Gail, 57, said his helicopter crashed due to high winds and he was able to reach the town of Mahambo from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am the next morning, ie 12 hours. Swimming in the sea

He said he was not injured but was feeling very cold.

Sergei Gail arrives in Mahambo and tells the locals that he wants you to broadcast my video so that my family and other government officials can see that I am alive and well.

Sergei Gail used a helicopter seat for swimming, police chief Zafisambatra Raowawe told AFP.

“Sergei Gayle has always had a lot of stamina because of his interest in sports and he maintained his rhythm like a 30-year-old man, he has steel nerves,” he said.

It may be recalled that Sergey Gail had been serving in the police for three decades before being appointed as the Minister in August this year.


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