Helen came to India from Burma, didn’t even have money to eat, and then became the prom queen of Bollywood.

Bollywood actress Helen is a hidden treasure of cabaret dance, a wonderful actress, beauty and beauty. Helen, who made everyone’s breath quicken with her dancing, is considered the first girl in the Indian film industry. She did not become a great actress, but behind her success there is so much pain, knowing that she will also cry tears of blood.

Everyone is crazy about Helen. There was a time when Helen’s item song was there in the movie, people would come to the theater just wanting to see that dance. Alam was that when the dance began, the coins began to rain down throughout the theater and continued until the dance ended. Even after the end of the movie, people’s feet kept dancing to Helen’s song. Helen’s passion for people was so great that people began to want to teach her daughters to dance thanks to Helen. The sparkle in Helen’s dance was the only thing that drew people to her. Everyone praises the dance and the beauty of the actress and dancer Helen. Her dance style is amazing, seeing her dance, people didn’t press their fingers under their teeth and even today no one can compete with her dance.

She has been the best dancer and the best actress of her time. Born in Rangoon in 1938, Helen’s real name is Helen Ann Richardson. Do you know that behind Helen’s success are the blisters on her feet and the pain of losing her brother? Helen’s father passed away during World War II. Because of this, all responsibility for the house fell on Helen’s shoulders.

Fearing Japanese capture in Burma, his entire family set out on foot for Dibrugarh in Assam. In order to avoid enemies, it seemed good to everyone to walk along the dangerous paths in the woods. There came a time when his condition had become so bad that he had nowhere to live and no money to eat. The ease that he provided as he walked down the path, he continued to live for it alone. The one who gave shelter, slept there, thanked the one who donated food and ate it. Sometimes a British soldier also felt sorry for his condition, so he used to help him too. They all had blisters on their feet as they walked, but the destination was still far away. I don’t know how many innocent people lost their lives along the way.

Helen was very sorry that she hadn’t been able to do anything for her mother. Helen’s mother was pregnant and in such a state she had an abortion on the way. Seeing this, she Helen felt bad. Helen was haunting her mind thinking that she was so young that she couldn’t do anything for her mother. The path was so long that it did not bear the name of the end. So many problems were less than Helen’s brother got the pox. Both her mother and her daughter had become a bone structure. Finally, all of them were admitted to Dibrugarh Hospital. She and Helen’s mother survived, but Helen’s brother passed away. This shock was very deep for him.

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What was then, seeing the condition of Helen’s mother, a gentleman took pity and gave Helen’s mother a job as a nurse in the same Dibrugarh Hospital. Many seriously ill patients used to come to Dibrugarh hospital, some had chickenpox and some did not know what dangerous diseases they were. But it was better than starving on the way that she agreed to take a nurse’s job. What was then Helen’s mother began working as a nurse in the hospital.

Seeing such a mother and home condition, the innocent Helen forgot about her studies and began to look for work in the film industry. For many years, she continued to make the rounds of the studios. Finally, her luck changed for her and she got the opportunity to work in the movie Howrah Bridge. At that time there was an old actress named Kukku, who got Helen a job as a group dancer in movies.

Helen’s film career began with the film Shabistan. In this dance group, Helen won everyone’s heart with her dancing. Little by little, while she danced with that crowd, she began to receive offers to dance only in movies. Dancing alone in the films Alif Laila and Hur e Arab, she forced the filmmakers to press their fingers under their teeth.

Shakti Samanta, director of great movies like Howrah Bridge, China Town, Kashmir Ki Kali, An Evening in Paris, Aradhana, Amar Prem, gave Helen a big break in her movie Howrah Bridge. In the movie, Helen managed to make a song, the lyrics of which went like this: Chin Chin Chu Baba… This song became very famous. Helen became a star overnight and seeing Helen she became the first girl of the moment.

After this, Helen started getting good parts in one movie after another in the 1960s and 1970s and started getting songs as well. She showed her acting talent in the movies Gumnaam, China Town, Satya and Chhote Sarkar. She has done many other article numbers including Suku Suku, Aa Jaane Jaan, Yamma Yamma, Oh Haseena Zulfon Wali, Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Deewana, Piya Tu Ab To Aaja and many more. Her dance in Mehbooba O Mehbooba Song is unrivaled even today. It is said that Helen used to make her dance steps herself. This is why each of her steps used to be unique. That no one could copy at that time and no one can do it today.

She was given wax doll status for dancing to songs like Mungra-Mungda. Helen, who has won everyone’s hearts with her dancing, was one of the best Bollywood dancers as well as a good actress. In fact, the journey from one floor to another was an important part of Helen’s life. She also received many awards, along with this the Government of India also awarded her the Padma Shri. Four books have also been written about him.

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