The idea of ​​including the extreme is well known even if they have to leave one that seemed fixed in the Mestalla club line-ups

Valencia FC has been growing over the days in the internal competition, and that increase in level combined with the defensive sacrifices have made Hélder Costa right now be considered as an agent to be finalized shortly. The truth is that as everything in life must find equity and in the face of high demands on economic issues, it is most likely that it will end up dragging some way out.

He has made it clear with what he has raised Jose Bordalás in the last practices, in addition to the official matches. They will do without Denis Cheryshev, the Russian midfielder who had been the starter in all competitions. A starting point that several clubs have already begun to look at, now they must focus more on certain points such as financial support so as not to fall into ruins.

Toni Villa Valencia
Denis Chéryshev will be the one sacrificed by José Bordalás in this new stage of Valencia CF

Apparently Elche has been the first to show interest after the potential of Hélder Costa and the position of Valencia to prioritize his final signing

Fortunately, the Russian player has a great poster, mainly because of that spirit of combativeness and that great sense of competition in various areas of the field. And it is that he not only acts in the central axis, he is a player of the entire court who applies sacrifice and a great technique when it comes to playing from behind.

On the side of Fran Escribá it seems sung, it is just what he has been asking for, more than anything because of the series of negative results he is going through. It could also be easy to acquire it because if Valencia CF needs something at this moment, it is liquidity to overcome the deficit of 37 million euros that the board has determined to use in the sale of players.

Winter is beginning to look very attractive for this series of possibilities

And what’s better is that the immediate market seems to be the right one. Not because of the proximity, but because the two entities seem condemned to understand each other. Being this a little used window and having the contracts close to completion, it is time to touch figures. And to that is added the presence of Leeds, which has a lot to say about it.

The British are the owners of the rights of Hélder Costa, and they would be tempted to finalize the purchase option they have agreed upon. What for now is a shot in the air, for the value of the token, which is one of the points that must be dealt with. Well, the annual earnings of the African are still very high, just over 3 million net per campaign.


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