Hedera HashGraph soars to new record ahead of “Special Announcement” – Major Buy Signal

With a 20% 24-hour gain at the time of writing, Hedera Hashgraph is by far the top performing cryptocurrency in the Top 50 as of this writing on Wednesday morning. Hedera Hashgraph has just set a new all-time high at $ 0.5430.

Recall that Hedera Hashgraph’s current bullish movement started last Wednesday following a low at around $ 0.25. At the historic high this morning, the cryptocurrency therefore displayed a 117% gain in less than 7 days.

A “Special Announcement” expected this Friday …

Hedera HasgraphHedera Hashgraph’s new records appear in part to be linked to the announcement of a collaboration with Filecoin to improve Web3 interoperability with the end goal of developing a full range of distributed ledger solutions. The Hedera 10 (HIP-10) Improvement Proposal provides an ecosystem standard for NFT metadata.

In other words, Hedera Hashgraph is taking advantage of the investor craze for cryptocurrencies that can be used as supports for NFTs projects, one of the most important crypto trends of the moment.

It will also be recalled that Hedera Hashgraph also benefited this week from the start of its listing on the crypto exchange platforms Kucoin and Crypto.com.

Finally, it will be recalled that the official Twitter account Hedera Hashgraph announced on September 10 thata “special announcement” will be made this Friday September 16, which also prompted investors to rush into this cryptocurrency.

Hedera Hashgraph Technical Analysis: Major Buy Signal

From a graphical point of view, the size of the recent rise calls for a correction. Thus, the current prices do not seem ideal for an immediate purchase. However, a correction to the $ 0.50 level would provide a very attractive buying opportunity.

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In this case, we would initially aim for a return to the recent all-time high of $ 0.5430. However, following recent developments surrounding Hedera, more and more reputable analysts believe that the cryptocurrency will soon be seen testing the key $ 1 threshold.

On the downside, it should be noted that the 50-hour moving average, currently at $ 0.4435, has played a supportive role lately. A break below this would therefore constitute a bearish signal.

Hedera Hashgraph

Finally, taking a step back on the daily chart, we can see that the 50-day moving average crossed above the 200-day moving average yesterday, a strong mid-term bullish signal known as the “golden cross”.

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