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Héctor J. Cruz is chosen Chronicler of the Year for 2021

Héctor J. Cruz es escogido Cronista del Año del 2021

Journalist Héctor J. Cruz was chosen this Wednesday as Chronicler of the Year for 2021, as a result of the brilliant work he did during that space both as Sports Editor of the Listín Diario, as well as on his television program, La Hora del Deporte.

Likewise, Yancen Pujols was distinguished with the same award in 2020 by the Association of Sports Writers of Santo Domingo, an entity that, due to the presence of the pandemic, carried out its acts corresponding to the two years mentioned.

For Cruz, a communicator with a long career in the written press, radio, television, cinema and sports literature, it is the fourth time that he has obtained the highest award from the acedeistas, since he had obtained it in 1990; 2006 and 2014.

This apart from other distinctions that he has achieved by the same institution as most prominent on television (2001-2014 and 2016), Columnist of the Year (2007 and 2016); Best Sports Editor (2016), Bibliographic Work (2014); Journalistic Excellence (2016).

“I am very grateful for obtaining this new award, which has been achieved due to the perseverance that I have tried to maintain in the media since I entered sports journalism at Christmas 1973, when yucca has gone downhill a lot, and I exhort the young chroniclers who try to maintain their consistency”, said Cruz, after receiving this new award.

“I am almost turning 50 years old in the chronicle and you have to have a great vocation to stay in these tasks for so long,” added the veteran communicator, who in the aforementioned year began working at the El Nacional newspaper together with Roosevelt Comarazamy and Luis Ramón Cordero, in the sports pages of that newspaper.

He had words of acknowledgment towards the ACD for celebrating the award, since he understands that this represents the things that motivate the chroniclers, especially the young people, to make an effort every day to do a magnificent job.

For Cruz, this is one more award that comes to strengthen his already very extensive portfolio of distinctions obtained, the result of his hard work for decades dedicated to carrying out a series of bibliographical, television, filming and print media works, which make up his extensive action in the profession.

For example, among the books it has 15, from its first on the history of the Central American and Caribbean Games, of which it has already had four editions, to the last named the First Generation that it brought to light in 2021 and in the that reviews a brief biography of the first 50 Dominicans to play in the Major Leagues.

In the filming it has six, the first entitled History of Dominican Baseball in 2009 under the direction of Miguel Vásquez and the most recent was the documentary El Coleccionista, a biography of Félix Fermín, the most successful leader of Dominican baseball, which it came out last year.

Fourth for Yancen Pujols

Likewise, for Pujols it was also his fourth award as Chronicler of the Year and joins the one achieved in 2020 to those of 2005-2006 and 2011. Like Cruz, he has deserved awards in other lines.

During the critical time of the pandemic, Pujols made a variety of audiovisual and postcast works with the main Hispanic baseball players and some of those from the United States who play in the Major Leagues.

Sometimes he even had up to three or four immersed in the same Live, interviews that permeated Dominicans and people from other sister countries who love baseball and this occurred in that stage of confinement in homes,

In addition, it records a great job in the pages of El Caribe Newspaper, as well as in the different segments in which it participates in CDN.

Pujols thanked his parents, Lorenzo and Doña Hermida, for the training they gave him since he was a child in his native San José de Ocoa and understands that this was vital for him to be considered among the best communicators today.

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