Héctor Aníbal sees parenting in the digital age as challenging

Hector Hannibal Star, a prominent Dominican actor and singer, has earned a place in the national and international entertainment industry. Born into a musical family, son of the renowned Adalgisa Pantaleon, member of the famous group 440, he has left his mark in the world of theater, music and cinema.

In an interview with journalist Katherine Hernández on her program “Siendo” Honestos, Héctor Aníbal shared his vision of the importance of fatherhood and the challenge of raising children in the age of technology and social networks. He stressed that, despite the difficulties, his approach has always been to prioritize his role as a father above all else.

“I would say that nowadays children have access to so many things that one did not have. They see things you didn’t have to deal with until you were the right age. I understand how their innocence is stolen too quickly, ”she commented.

The artist, who this year is also debuting as a director of feature films, explained that his role as a father will always be above all else. “My parents were always like that too. And mommy, with everything and with that 440, I remember that she took time, she could be playing on the island of Guam, in Quetzaltenango, and if she had a day off she would fly home, she would appear there when there were no cell phones or anything. So I grew up with that, with that reality that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, but rather prioritizing time with your children. At work one is going to earn is money; and money is earned and spent, but time is lost, ”he reflects.

The actor praised the recent approval in Congress of the Autism Law for the Protection of People with TSA and highlighted the importance of schools becoming more involved in understanding and caring for children with this condition.

“The bill seems super good to me, I have seen more awareness now of the condition both in schools and in the population itself. The same companies are also giving more room to people with special children to work. I think we are on the right track and what I would like is for the schools themselves to soak up more and be a little more open, that they know how to pay attention, a little patience and love, because they are impressively intelligent and sensitive children,” he said. .

Héctor directs his first feature film, a documentary about Juan Marichal

Héctor shared his enthusiasm for the production of “El Dandy Dominicano”, an exciting documentary that he co-directs with Alejandro Andújar and that chronicles the extraordinary life of Don Juan Marichal, who became the first Dominican to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the baseball and the second Latino to achieve this prestigious recognition. As well as the obstacles he faced and how he always overcame them with a smile on his face.

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He explained that the production team traveled to different places to explore the life and legacy of don Juan. They visited San Francisco and Washington, where they were able to see the permanent painting and the exhibition at the Smithsonian, located in the champions wing.

It is expected that “El Dandy Dominicano” will be complete and ready to be presented to the public in the middle of next year and they trust that this work will be a source of inspiration for many people, since it will show a historical and deep part of the country, coinciding with the most difficult moments of the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic.

His experience in “The Lost City”

In relation to his participation in the film “The Lost City”, Héctor Aníbal shared his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to work in a production of such magnitude. He highlighted the unique experience of living with the cast for three months in a film bubble, forming bonds of friendship beyond the screen.

Héctor says that he recently traveled to Ocoa, took a photo and sent it to Sandra Bullock. She wrote to him saying: “Are you shooting a movie there?” and he began to tell her how wonderful it was for her to be able to be in a place like the Dominican Republic during the pandemic. Even though the world was falling apart, she was able to create beautiful memories with her children, who came to the country for three months in Samaná. According to her, it is amazing how the country has given her so many pleasant memories in such a difficult time for the whole world. And that is what we are, not only the beauty of the country, but also the quality of the people, she reflected.

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His beginnings were in 1993 as the vocalist of “Transfusion”, one of the most important youth bands in the Dominican Republic, he has participated in successful musicals such as “Grease”, “Les Miserables”, “Jesucristo Súper Star”, “Chicago”, “In the Heights”

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