Heavy snowfall in Japan, more than 100 flights canceled

More than 100 flights were canceled in Japan on Sunday due to heavy snowfall.

According to international media reports, Japan’s two major airlines say that the number of flights canceled due to heavy snowfall in the northern and western parts of the country has exceeded 100.

Snowfall has severely affected flight operations in Japan, affecting thousands of passengers. Passengers are facing severe difficulties due to cancellations and delays in flights.

Airlines say 5,000 passengers could not return to their destinations due to flight schedule disruptions. Passengers are advised to get flight information before heading to the airport in case of severe weather conditions.

Authorities say heavy snowfall could further affect flight schedules.

It should be noted that Japan has tightened its borders along with travel restrictions in view of the recent outbreak of the corona virus, Omekron, in order to prevent the spread of a new type of epidemic.


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