Heavy rains and floods in Australia, evacuation orders for citizens in 3 states

In Australia, people were ordered to evacuate in three states after heavy rains and floods.

Several roads have been destroyed due to floods, schools have been closed and electricity has been suspended in 3,000 homes and business centers.

Different parts of the country have recorded four times more than normal rainfall during 24 hours in the month of October.

According to foreign media, 500 houses were submerged in water due to floods and one person died, while 20 people have died due to rains in Australia this year.

Victoria, Australia’s second-largest state, has been hit hardest by the rains this week, prompting evacuation orders from other cities, including the capital, Melbourne.

Tasmania received 400mm of rain in 24 hours, causing rivers to flood, while it is unclear how many homes and properties have been damaged.

In New South Wales, 600 people were ordered to evacuate, while 250 homes and other properties were affected by the flooding.

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