Home World Heavy explosion in firecrackers factory in India, casualties

Heavy explosion in firecrackers factory in India, casualties

بھارت میں پٹاخے بنانے والی فیکٹری میں زوردار دھماکا، ہلاکتیں

Nine people were killed in an explosion at a firecrackers factory in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

According to foreign media reports, the explosion in the firecracker factory was so powerful that a nearby hotel building collapsed while several other buildings were severely damaged.

In the blast, 9 people including three women were killed while several people were seriously injured and shifted to the hospital. It is reported that some people were buried under the debris due to the collapse of the hotel building.

Fire service and police rushed to the blast site and efforts were made to douse the fire in the factory.

According to the police, 20 injured have been shifted to the hospital, rescue teams are on the spot to extract all the people from the debris.

According to the police, the cause of the explosion in the factory could not be determined immediately.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief and regret over the loss of human lives in the blast. He announced to give Rs 2 lakh per person for the dead and Rs 50 thousand per person for the injured.

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