Heatwave: the temperature of the seas and oceans reaches worrying levels

On the beach of Cabourg (Calvados) at the beginning of summer, bathers can’t believe the water temperature.We see from year to year that it is warming up, and that we can get in there earlier and earlier.”says a resident. This impression is confirmed by Antoine Bulleryalwhich measures the water temperature every day. He has been taking his readings for ten years, and according to Météo France, the water temperature is 1 to 2 degrees higher.There we starts now with 20 degrees”says the rescuer.

+1.5 degrees on average in the Atlantic Ocean

The observation on the anomalies can be done on the whole planet with +3, +4, even +5 degrees more in certain zones.The Atlantic reached temperatures records. We recorded over an additional 1.5 degrees above average surface water temperature.”explains Omar badour of the World Meteorological Organization. Corals, for their part, are in danger from rising temperatures, like the red gorgonians of the Mediterranean. Last month in Texas tens of thousands of fish are dead because of the hot waters.

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