Heat wave: China registers 52.2 degrees Celsius, a new record for July

The extreme heat wave that plagues almost the entire world marked a new record by mid-July in Chinawhere the temperature reached 52.2 degrees Celsius on Sunday in the Xinjiang region.

A weather station in Turfan town, Xinjiang, “recorded a temperature peak of 52.2°C at 7:00 p.m. on July 16, breaking the historical record for heat for the same period of the year,” the Meteorological Administration said. it’s a statement.

He record according to this station it dated back to July 2017, when the mercury had reached 50.6 ºC. The temperature on the ground locally reached 80 degrees Celsius on Sunday, according to Chinese meteorological services.

Extreme heat wave will last until August

The World Meteorological Organization warned that the extreme heat wave and the rains will last until August, while the WHO warned that today, July 17, 2023, would be the hottest day ever recorded.

“The #ClimateCrisis is not a warning. It is happening. I urge world leaders to ACT now.”

In a resumption of global warming diplomacy between the two superpowers, US climate envoy John Kerry met with his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua in Beijing and urged joint action to reduce methane and coal-fired power.

In the next three days, we hope that we can start taking some important steps that will send a signal to the world that China and the United States are serious about addressing a common risk, a threat, a challenge to all humanity created by human beings themselves. Kerry said, pointing to the proliferation of storms and fires.

It’s toxic to both the Chinese and the Americans and people in every country on the planet.”

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