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Heat wave but no goals

Heat wave but no goals

Until The thermometers in Villamarín reached 34 degrees on a very hot evening in the Andalusian capital that touched the players from the first minute to the last. Goalless draw between Betis and Atlético de Madridas well as no dangerous opportunities at any of the goals.

Verdiblanco’s game started the way its fans were used to last season: without daring the ball and dominating with it to create chances. These came from the pages with a great action Ruibal, but that went astray. Abner from left profile also joined the attack, but to no effect. He Sporty waited in his own field for a counterattack Carrasco either memphisbut he could scarcely execute it before a betis Very attentive in defence, so that the Colchoneros didn’t have any more shots on goal.

Unlike the game against Villarreal isco He suffered more between the lines due to the number of players that the colchoneros gathered inside and there those from Heliópolis couldn’t find the man from Malaga to create danger, who also couldn’t find a way to test Oblak.

In the second half, the tables turned and you saw a rojiblanco side, this time in blue and white, who were much more recognizable when it came to stealing the ball and facing Rui Silva’s goal. This was noticed by Betis, who lost control of the game, shutting down in the three-quarters zone and unable to attack the spaces. Pellegrini had to replace one Borja Iglesias, who continues without reaching the goal He was replaced by a Willian José who wanted to achieve what he had achieved at La Cerámica the day before. Simeone replied that he shot from the bench. Simeone did that Lino and Riquelme debut in Atlético de Madrid jersey along with a Morata who had a clear chance but missed control.

The final section was level with the rest of the game Oblak They didn’t defend themselves against the Verdiblancos’ attack and the Colchoneros barely reached the opponent’s area, leaving the tables on the scoreboard and both teams with four points on the scoreboard.

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