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Heat pump: beware of legal aid scams

UFC-Que Choisir warns against heat pump scams. Crooks are currently operating in Ille-et-Vilaine, reports Vitre’s Journal. The consumer association would have received several reports of people cheated by unscrupulous companies and bogus legal aid firms.

Their technique is almost always the same and begins with cold calling. “We promise you mountains and wonders. A heat pump at 25,000 €, with nearly 22 or 23,000 € in bonuses”, says a member of UFC-Que Choisir from Vitré to the regional daily. A golden offer that some have chosen to seize, trusting their interlocutor.

After a first telephone contact, the scammer fixes an appointment with his victim. “He arrives at your home. And he presents things to you. Everything seems so simple. The person takes care of everything. She prepares your file to receive the bonuses. You are confident and reassured, because the person seems to manage well”, continues the association. Problem, the installation of the heat pump only occurs 15 days later, one day after the deadline for withdrawal.

Faulty pump and no help

While the fooled customer waits for the aid promised, the installation is often already experiencing failures. And icing on the cake, the company is unreachable. “And worse than that, she made you sign a loan with another company. It is to her that you must repay so you have nothing more to do with the starting company”, adds UFC-Que Choisir . A loan on the back and without any sign of the aid promised, the consumer finds himself trapped.

The scam could stop there, but it is not. Several victims tell the association that they have been contacted by a law firm or lawyers who are aware of their situation. “They know almost everything that happened and they offer their service to accompany them to justice against a check for 5,000 €”, reports a representative of UFC-Que Choisir Vitré. An email address often appears in the files received by the association: maprimerenov@europe.com. “If you are contacted by this address, you must not answer!”, She warns, while estimating the total amount of this scam at 30,000 euros.


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