Heard of Pakistanis wanting to go directly to Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Department has provided an explanation for those Pakistanis who have received one dose of corona vaccine in one country and another in Pakistan.

A Pakistani asked the state’s Passport Immigration (Licensing) department that one dose of the vaccine was administered in Saudi Arabia while the other was in Pakistan. What is the procedure for return?

Responding in the negative, the licenses said that people who have received both doses of corona vaccine from the state and have their testicular immunity on the Tawaklana app can come to the country directly.

The Saudi Passport Department added that such travelers must be trusted or present a health certificate.

Keep in mind that people who have not been vaccinated with both vaccines from Saudi Arabia and are in a country where direct travelers are banned can come to the country after a two-week stay in a country from which the travelers arrive. Is not banned.

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In this case, they will undergo the PCR test done a maximum of 72 hours before coming to the kingdom and they will also have to undergo the PCR test after coming to Saudi Arabia.

If the Corona test report is negative, they will be allowed out of isolation and quarantine.


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