Healthy cooking in the best frying pan

How to cook healthy in the best pan, which one to buy and which one to avoid? Complex subject, but those are my favorites, and obviously Teflon wouldn’t be one of them. Ceramic, aluminum and copper ones too, for everything we talked about in the video.

I will prefer coarser but effective options without toxic materialssuch as carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel cookware. Here are the ones I use or recommend for healthy cooking without harming the planet:

  • buyer’s carbon steel
  • Carbon steel for tortillas
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel

What about Teflon pans?

Teflon® is the world’s most famous non-stick coating brand. It is composed of a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer, PFOA is used for its manufacture, especially to glue the non-stick surface to the pan body.

In fact, the blame for Teflon’s bad reputation is perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. We say guilt because this substance that can be dangerous to health is found along with the harmless one in non-stick pans. She is the one who ensures that the Teflon sticks to the pan, as if it were glue.

Cookware that contains PFOA, this is found inside the Teflon, not on the surface, which is what comes into contact with food. According to Robles, if the frying pan is in good condition, the risk is zero. Even if it has some scratches or cracks, the exposure will be so small that the risk will be minimal.

The European Union banned the use of PFOA in cookware in July 2020 due to its effects on human health and the environment.


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