Health: red alert for pollen and allergies

In this month of May, grasses, very allergenic herbs, are the obsession of many French people. With the mild temperatures and the wind, their pollen disperses and poisons the daily lives of allergy sufferers. “It scratches the eyes, as if you had a lot of grains of sand in your eyes. (…) Afterwards, there is a runny nose, rhinitis”, says an allergy sufferer. Because all of France, or almost, is on pollen red alert, only six departments in the West are relatively spared.

50% of French people allergic to pollen in 2050?

In the 1970s, 2 to 3% of French people were allergic to it. In 2010, they were 30% and will be 50% in 2050. In question, global warming with earlier, longer and more intense pollination periods. It is also a consequence of pollution and food. Monitoring the presence of allergens on a daily basis is the goal of pollinariums, which bring together the most allergenic plants, making it possible to give warning of applications during pollen peaks.

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