Health pass: what do you risk if you present a fake?

The health pass is extended this Monday in France. In order to provide a criminal response to fraudsters, but also to counterfeit providers, the Ministry of Justice has established sanctions that will be circulated to the different courts as of August 9.

The ministry wishes to bring “an effective, dissuasive and rapid criminal response to face the rebound of the epidemic,” reported the Sunday newspaper.

Thus, “presenting the QR code of a friend who has been vaccinated when one is not, will be sanctioned with a 4th class fine of 750 euros, set at 135 euros,” said the JDD. The penalty will be doubled (1,500 euros) in the event of a repeat offense in fifteen days and will increase to 3,750 euros and six months in prison for a third offense in thirty days ”.

Caregivers who will continue to practice and are not vaccinated are affected by these penalties.

Employers can also be sanctioned: “Failure to monitor people subject to compulsory vaccination will be sanctioned with a fine of more than 1,000 euros. It can reach 9,000 euros (45,000 for legal entities) and a year in prison after verifying three offenses ”.

As for health professionals who issue false vaccination certificates, they would be prosecuted for “possession and use of false” (two to five years in prison) or even for “organized fraud” (the penalty can reach up to ten years in prison) ”.

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