While the bill on the vaccine pass has just been adopted at second reading in the National Assembly, it has not yet entered into force and should not be before the last week of January. But from this Saturday, January 15, the rules relating to the health pass are still changing, in particular for people aged between 18 and 64, remind the government. French people in this age group must have had their booster dose on time, namely within a maximum of seven months from their last injection (the second) of vaccine against Covid-19. “Beyond this date, their old vaccination certificate is considered to have expired and is no longer valid,” said the government.

When to recall?

As a reminder, for those over 65, this rule had been in force since December 15. It obviously concerns vaccinated people. Similarly, if you had Covid-19 and received one dose of the vaccine, the time frame for the second dose is seven months. On the other hand, “if you received a dose of vaccine and you had Covid-19 more than fifteen days after the injection”, the reminder is to be done six months after the infection. Finally, underlines the government, if you have received a dose of the Janssen vaccine, the recall is to be done within two months. Note that on February 15, the deadline will no longer be seven months, but four.

Who will lose it?

If initially the figure of 800,000 people likely to lose the health pass this Saturday January 15 was mentioned, Olivier Véran declared on that they could be “between 500,000 and 700,000”.

A simulator

If you have any doubts, the government has put in place on its site a simulator. It lets you know if you are eligible, when and how long to wait between the last injection and the booster dose.

What about those who have caught Covid-19?

Another case: you have not taken your booster dose since you have caught Covid-19 in the meantime. The reinstatement certificate allows you to extend your pass. The result of an RT-PCR or antigen test is then taken into account, it must be more than eleven days old and less than six months old.

What is the time now between the last dose and the booster dose?

Since December 28, the government has decided to speed things up in order to strengthen its vaccination strategy and to reduce the minimum period from four to three months.

Where does the pass apply?

As with the health pass, the vaccination pass should apply to the same places where many people gather, namely bars and restaurants, fairs, shows, seminars and social and medico-social health establishments. It will also have to be presented in long-distance transport (TGV, Intercités, planes, etc.), supermarkets of more than 20,000 m² by decision of the prefect, ski lifts or even meeting places.


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