Health pass: Jean-Marie Bigard denounces a “frenzied vaccination” and calls Emmanuel Macron

While more than 237,000 people marched in France this Saturday against the extension of the health pass, Jean-Marie Bigard shared, on his Instagram account, a video in which he clearly remembers his opposition to the device, addressing Emmanuel to Emmanuel Macron directly.

“To meditate, Mr. President. For those who still wonder, I am against the health pass !!!! But I am like you or you, I have a family to feed, so they strangle me and force me to accept it because they force me to have this health pass, “he wrote in the caption of the sequence, seen to date more than 25,400. times.

In front of the camera, the 67-year-old artist begins his speech by quoting one of the greatest French comedians: “Coluche said: ‘We will stop doing politics when the politicians stop making us laugh.’ It was very clear. It was a very nice message ”.

The health pass, which will be extended this Monday, August 9, to many places, including restaurants, bars, certain shopping centers, or even rail and air transport, “is one more turn of the screw that strangles us,” continues Jean-Marie. Bigard, who has more than 75,000 subscribers on the social network.

“I turned the sentence face up, Mr. President,” he continues. It is because of the health pass that the restaurants are closing ”. Sasha’s father, Jules and Bella, also attacked the collaborators of the Head of State. “Is there someone who can advise you?” There are a lot of people around you who have to tell you ‘But, you shouldn’t talk nonsense like that.’

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“It’s the health pass that closes all the restaurants, that cancels all my shows, for example, and everyone’s shows! All the parties, all of that … It absolutely turns everyone off. They can threaten us with 150 – 250,000 euros for people who want to try to get a fake health pass, under pain of death, which is the thing, “adds Lola Marois’ partner.

“In the days of the yellow vests, you annoyed a lot more people and felt almost overwhelmed,” he said again, before referring to the Paris Commune. “They are the strongest people and you are pissing them off. I promise you a painful tomorrow if you ever continue all summer to demonstrate against the health pass and this frenzied vaccination of the entire planet.”

“Come on, I wish you good luck, Mr. President,” concluded Jean-Marie Bigard who, unsurprisingly, made the Web very reactive.

While some netizens supported his comments, others, on the contrary, criticized his position. “Please stay in bed … thank you”, “A front speech … almost scary and threatening”, “It is not the health pass that kills the restaurants; it is the Covid and the number of people hospitalized…! ”, we can read in particular.

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