Health pass: can we keep going to a restaurant without the precious sesame?

From the theory to the practice. From Monday, August 9, it is normally forbidden to enter a restaurant or bar without a health pass. In practice, however, it still seems possible to sneak through the cracks, even if opportunities are rare.

The question of the control of the medical pass is undoubtedly one of the important points of debate of the device. In fact, many restaurateurs have insisted since the announcement of its expansion on the difficulty of controlling all customers.

In order for everyone to get used to it, the government has therefore decided on a “break-in” week, or a period of tolerance, to get used to it.

To see how this happens in practice in the establishments, a team of journalists from the CNEWS surveyed and measured the vigilance of the establishment managers.

As a result, if the vast majority of professionals play the game, however, it has sometimes been possible to consume without a pass.

A finding by the way, in addition, confirmed by the questioned clients who said they had been controlled. However, it is better to respect the rules because on arrival the bill can be very high.

In the event of an inspection, if a customer does not have a health card or presents one that is not his or that is false, a fine of 750 euros may be imposed in the event of a first inspection.

Professionals, for their part, run the risk of a closure of their establishment, which can last up to seven days.

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