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Health pass: an employee of the Oradour-sur-Glane memory center attacked

A seasonal employee of the Memory Center of Oradour sur-Glane (Haute-Vienne) was verbally and physically attacked this Saturday, August 7, by a visitor who opposed the implementation of the health pass.

Around 1 pm, a thirty-something couple with a child who wanted to visit the site came to the front desk. The young woman, in particular responsible for displaying the QR codes, asked for their health pass, which greatly upset the visitor.

The latter began to challenge “the legality of the decree that imposed the health pass on the site,” the 22-year-old victim explained to the newspaper. Downtown people. To which she replied that she had nothing to do with it and was just applying the law.

The woman then became angry and insulted the employee before pushing her back and causing her to fall. “He took me by the shoulders to push me back. I backed up 2 meters and fell on my buttocks, ”he said.

The man intervened to try to calm his partner while another visitor came to help the victim. So the couple left. For her part, the twenty-year-old, who suffered from shoulder pain, was subjected to a work stoppage lasting several days and filed a complaint.

Inaugurated in 1999, the Oradour sur-Glane Memory Center offers visitors a documented route to explain and understand, through the analysis of history, the development of the massacre of its population on June 10, 1944 by a Waffen SS unit.

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