Health card: RN and right-wing mayors refuse to allow their municipal police to control the terrace

Some mayors of RN or those close to the Marine Le Pen party refused to allow their municipal police to control the health passes on the terrace, in the bars and restaurants of their city. All denounce an “inapplicable” measure and “liberticide”.

“The State invited mayors to involve their municipal police in controlling this pass in establishments open to the public (restaurants, bars, etc.). This will not be the case in Fréjus ”, explains its mayor, RN David Rachline, in a forum in Current Values. Adding that “I prefer that my agents continue to dedicate themselves fully to the safety of the Fréjusiens and tourists and the fight against crime and discourtesy.” Behind this measure, the elected RN denounces denouncing “a liberticidal drift.”

Same decision at Hayange in Moselle, where “we decided to ask the municipal police not to carry out checks in cafeterias and restaurants in relation to the health pass,” RN Fabien Engelmann said in a press release. Like David Rachline, he deplores a “liberticidal measure.”

The mayor of Béziers (Hérault) Robert Ménard, close to the RN, also opposed the controls on the terrace, considering the measure “inapplicable”. “Do you think I’m going to send the municipal police to check that of the 4 people there are, there is one by chance who does not have a health pass? It does not retain water, ”he told France Bleu Hérault.

In Beaucaire, in the Gard, the municipality chaired by the RN Julien Sánchez warned: “the municipal police will have better things to do than carry out sanitary controls on the terraces of the shops and will let the State take care of the matter.”

In a statement on Monday, the president of RN Marine Le Pen had estimated that with the health pass, “the French enter under house arrest.”

However, opposition to these controls is not limited to the extreme right. The DVD mayor of Vias (Hérault), Jordan Dartier, also believes that this is not the mission of the municipal police. “I ask you not to control the health pass in establishments open to the public – bars, restaurants …”, he told AFP.

The health pass was extended to cafes and restaurants on Monday, for a week of “filming”, before possible fines. The person who does not present a pass will be sanctioned with a fine of 750 euros (set at 135 euros if paid quickly), an amount that will rise to 1,500 euros in case of recidivism within 15 days. The professional who does not apply the required controls incurs, if this breach is found “more than three times in a period of 45 days”, up to 9,000 euros of fine and one year in prison.

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