“He will ask you, this is a game, do you want to play? …” The hair-raising teaser for “Shaitan” has been released

Ajay Devgan is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood. Ajay has done many blockbuster films in his career so far. Now, the actor is once again gearing up to make a splash on the big screen. Ajay's five films will release in 2024. The first film is “Shaitan”. The teaser of this most awaited film of Ajay was released today i.e. Thursday, January 25th.

Ajay Devgan has released the teaser of his upcoming film Shaitan on microblogging site X. He wrote: “He will ask you… it's a game, will you play?” But don't let him fool you! Satan teaser now available! “Occupy Cinemas on March 8, 2024.”

The teaser begins with a voiceover that reads, “Kahan hain ki ye duniya puri bahri hai, par sunte sab meri hai. I am blacker than black, I am a chalice of deceit. From Tantra to Shloka, I am the master of nine worlds. I am poison, I am also an assertion. I have observed everything in silence for centuries, I too was a silent witness. I am the night, I am the evening, I am the entire universe. Power, spoils, collects, twists, they say, I don't leave anyone. There's a game, will you play? There is only one rule in this game: No matter what I say, don’t let me mislead you.”

The teaser contains hair-raising images of Satan's symbols and motifs. It also includes shots of Ajay Devgan and Jyotika looking scared as they come face to face with someone. In another shot, R. Madhavan's creepy smile makes you shudder. This suggests that Madhavan could be the 'bad guy' in the film. This film will be released on March 8th this year.

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The supernatural film directed by Vikas Bahl promises hair-raising thrills. Many brilliant artists including Jyothikha and R Madhavan have worked with Ajay Devgan in this film. Currently, fans are eagerly waiting for this film. It remains to be seen whether Ajay Devgan manages to make magic at the box office again with this supernatural film or not.

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