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He says PLD should not criticize the PRM for tax reform and reminds him that it raised ITBIS from 12% to 18%


The leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and director of the Dominican Institute for Quality (Indocal), Lorenzo Ramírez, said that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) does not have the quality to criticize the government for the possibility of carrying out a tax reform because during his management the ITBIS increased from 12 to 18% and imposed taxes as dire as the payment of advances for companies.

“The PLD raised the ITBIS in 2004 from 12% to 16% and in 2015 to 18%; he was the one who placed the disastrous advance and not a single problem was solved and part of that money went to the pockets of the leaders of that party, “said Ramírez.

He expressed that citizens must be confident in the judgment of the President of the Republic on the decision he will make regarding the possible tax reform, because that issue has not yet been defined.

“The government at this time is holding exploratory talks with the different sectors and has not decided anything yet, but I can guarantee that the president will decide what is best for the economy and the majority of the Dominican people,” the government official also stressed.

He stressed that the government headed by President Luís Abinader has readjusted spending so that investment has a higher quality, contrary to the waste that existed in previous administrations that, together with the lack of transparency, significantly affected public finances.

Indocal works in quality culture                                                                               

Referring to the entity he represents, Ramírez said that this institution makes an effort to create a culture of quality in the country and that for these purposes they have approached the business sector to ensure that standardization processes are met.

“Entrepreneurs are Indocal’s allies to achieve a quality culture that does not yet exist in the country, because this area, like many others, was neglected by previous governments, in addition to the fact that there was absolutely nothing planning in this institution” , he pointed.


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