Eric B still can’t believe it. On October 4, this inhabitant of Saint-Agrève (Ardèche) fell from the clouds when he learned of his summons from the neighboring gendarmerie of Tence, in Haute-Loire. The reason ? Five household garbage bags containing documents in his name were found, on the sidewalk, between September 20 and September 27 at various places in the town of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, located 20 km from his home.

What were they doing there? For Eric, the incomprehension is total. And for good reason, the writer, aged 59, says that these bins are not his, despite the nominative documents they contain. “I live alone and I don’t use as many garbage bags a week, he argues with Capital. Before continuing: “The garbage dump is located 30 meters from my home, I don’t see why I would transport my waste to Haute-Loire.” At the end of his hearing at the gendarmerie, Eric even learned that he was liable for several fines of 1,500 euros for all the illegal garbage dumps with which he is accused.

Convinced of being the victim of a mistake, the writer tried in vain to contact Jean-Michel Eyraud, mayor of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. He particularly criticizes the city councilor for not having alerted him when the garbage was discovered, rather than transmitting the file to the police.

“Dogs open the garbage”

For his part, Jean-Michel Eyraud, who also chairs the Intercommunal Syndicate for the Treatment of Household Waste (Sitcom), fully assumes his gesture: “The town hall has found an illegal deposit of household waste in the town with documents belonging to Éric B. Faced with this kind of situation, my role is not to judge, but to transmit the information I have to the competent authorities ”, he declares to Capital. Supporter of a firm response to this kind of incivility, the mayor expresses his weariness in the face of people who deposit their garbage on the market, sometimes even by the side of the road. Dogs open them, that’s a real problem. ”

Cornered, Eric B tried to counter-attack. “I lodged a complaint with another gendarmerie for attacking my honor and my peace of mind. But also for the theft of my garbage cans and fraudulent subtractions made with my household garbage ”, he testifies to Capital. The writer also filed a defamation complaint against the mayor of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon.

A procedure that arouses the latter’s incomprehension: “A report cannot be considered as defamation! I did not contact the press to publicize the affair ”, he annoys, with Capital. However, Jean-Michel Eyraud does not close the door to a meeting with Eric B. But the councilor warns: “It is not my responsibility. If Eric B says he is not guilty and the gendarmerie proves it, there will be no problem. What is certain is that I have not seen any trash cans containing documents belonging to him since this report ”, he concludes.


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