Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is not fascinated by any identity nowadays. He will always be remembered for everything he did during the Corona period. Although Sonu Sood appears in the role of the villain on screen, people call him the hero in real life and consider him the messiah. And from time to time, those photos and videos keep popping up on social media, showing how much his fans love them.

Something similar has come to light these days. In fact, a video is going viral on social media, in which a boy from Bihar named Ajmer Alam is painting Sonu Sood. But the way he paints will surprise you.

In fact, in the video you can see that first the boy puts salt in his eyes, then he puts a blindfold on him. After that, she makes such a powerful painting of Sonu Sood that people will be shocked to see it. Let me tell you that now Ajmer Alam wishes to meet Sonu Sood and give it to him as a gift.

This video of Ajmer Alam has also been shared by Sonu Sood himself on Twitter. Sharing the video, the actor wrote: ‘Incredible man’s brother. Along with this, he also put a heart emoji. However, this Ajmer video has been covered on social media, which people like very much.


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