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He offers a salary of 2,400 euros, this restaurateur receives hundreds of applications

“Well, this summer, we obviously won’t have any pizzas… Even a permanent contract at €2,400 net monthly + all the hours worked, 2 days off + accommodation. We don’t even have a serious application, it’s is disheartening.” A rant passed by Joris Bauchais, owner of the restaurant Le Prose located in La Grande Motte (Hérault) who moved the lines. Because as explained , until then, the job offer of the restaurant owner and his wife had remained a dead letter. In three weeks, not a single response despite an offer already posted on social networks and the specialized site Indeed.

Discouraged and angry, Joris Bauchais and his wife push this cry of anger on Instagram and Facebook. Shared more than 5,300 times in three days on the latter, it allows the couple to receive 400 applications, now rejoices the boss who did not know if he was going to be able to offer pizzas this summer when his former pizza maker leaves his post on the 17th. may. This enthusiasm for the job finally left them speechless: “We would never have imagined that. It more than surprised us, we didn’t even manage to answer all the phone calls”, he explains to

Salary increase

From now on, the restaurant Le Prose has the choice of the king. Four experienced professionals have been tested and the couple will choose the candidate they think is ideal. But for that, Joris Bauchais had to agree to increase the pizzaiolo’s salary, 20% in total, to attract people, although this is not the only problem according to him. There is also that of “connection between those who seek work and those who offer it”, he regrets. Not to mention the Covid-19 crisis which has done some harm to the profession. The boss speaks of “desertion from the profession” because of a pandemic which has “created a certain insecurity”.

Not to mention the new expectations of employees, the “pleasure of being at home in the evening with the family” and therefore the working conditions which have changed. At the head of a second, smaller restaurant, he employs 24 people at Prose and serves an average of 50 covers at lunchtime and 80 in the evening. He must also do with the requirement of customers who are always looking for quality, but are, according to him, “not ready to pay more” in order to “pay employees better”. By the end of the month, Le Prose will still have a new pizza maker, and pizza customers this summer.


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