He is with Brazil in the World Cup

Facilities for Atlético with Cunha arouse interest from Sevilla FC

Simeone has already dropped that the Brazilian striker should leave the cochonero team and a replacement is being actively sought for him: beware of the goal they are up to in the offices of the Metropolitan

The Athletic is looking for a substitute for Matheus Cunha for a long time. The Brazilian has not performed very well in the Metropolitan and the bad season of Simeone’s men does not help, logically. That is why the future is planned and solutions are sought in the market. Watch out for the Brazilian who likes the rojiblancas offices.

The footballer is not having the expected role this season, which is why he was not included in the list of tite for him Qatar World Cup. His position has been taken by another Forward which is what the rojiblanco team has been interested in facing the January market. A market where Simeone Its objective is the arrival of a new striker.

Simeone Joao
The Cholo Simeone is hoarse in the band

Atlético seeks a replacement for Matheus Cunha

Throughout Simeone’s time, great names have passed through the rojiblanco team. Falcao, Diego Costa, Jackson Martínez, Álvaro Morata or Matheus Cunha are some of them. But of all of them, only the first two have worked, who showed an extraordinary performance. The rest have been great disappointments for the club.

It has also been Matheus Cunha, who has not surrendered despite paying 35 million euros for him. His market value has fallen and Simeone does not quite trust him. That is why the club wants to sell it before it falls further. In this way, they would allocate part of the money earned with their sale to the arrival of a new center forward.

Another Brazilian on Atlético’s list

Now, the striker they have been interested in is Pedro, who will play the World Cup in Qatar with the Brazilian team. The current Flamengo striker was one of Tite’s surprises, which he trusted in his good form. A moment of form that he did not have during his brief period in Europe, causing his return to Brazil despite his youth.

At 25 years old, after winning the Copa Libertadores, Pedro wants to once again have an opportunity in a great European team. The current market value of him is 20 million euros and he has a signed contract until 2025. In this way, if Atlético de Madrid wants to sign the Brazilian striker, he will have to make a significant financial outlay. A disbursement that will not be a problem if they manage to get rid of the Lemar, Cunha and company.


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