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He is the undisputed starter at Pellegrini’s Betis: million-dollar offer to play in La Premier

From the environment of the verdiblancos there would be a movement that was not contemplated and that touches the coach’s plans

Manuel’s Real Betis pellegrini could have some variants during the market, which could modify what the Chilean coach has in mind. And it is that those of Benito Villamarín have had an outstanding performance in the course that just ended and everything seemed to indicate that they would keep a large part of the base.

Let’s remember that Real Betis faces some financial problems, which would change Pellegrini’s plans. You have to make a sale to be able to add troops that can be key in the scheme, reinforcing decisive positions. Of course, they would lose one of their undisputed headlines on the way for a million-dollar offer.

Pellegrini plans to step aside at Betis
Pellegrini could lose a top-level cash

One of Manuel Pellegrini’s key starters at Betis could unexpectedly change scenery

In this way, it has been possible to establish that from the Premier League there is a team that wants to get a star from the Verdiblancos. This is a player who has accumulated performance at the highest level and for this reason has not gone unnoticed at all. It is Klopp’s Liverpool that has shown interest in Luiz Henrique.

In that order of ideas, it would be the Brazilian winger who could leave Real Betis, changing Pellegrini’s roadmap. His age suggests that he will continue to grow a lot, since at 22 he has a long career ahead of him. In addition to this, they can enter a good amount, which would be quite favorable.

Luiz Henrique is the footballer who could say goodbye to the Thirteen Bars club

There are up to 15 million euros that the Villamarín club could receive and that would fall in the best way in the midst of the difficult moment they are living economically. For Klopp, he is the player who could succeed Mohamed Salah in the position. In turn, in the Betic environment, it would be the opportunity to add a midfielder like Lo Celso.

The latter is one of Pellegrini’s requests at Real Betis, since they need to add a quality player to the midfield. We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. At the moment, the plan of those from Heliopolis could have a change, but that will have to be studied in depth.

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