British Prime Minister Johnson has apologized to Queen Elizabeth for two parties at his official residence the day before Prince Philip’s funeral. Dozens of the prime minister’s employees then said goodbye to two colleagues.

On that day, April 16 last year, strict corona measures were in place in the United Kingdom. For example, people were not allowed to gather for social activities. In addition, because of the death of the prince, a period of national mourning had been declared.

But there was plenty of dancing and drinking in the prime minister’s residence, The Telegraph reported this morning. Johnson himself was not there.

‘Very sorry’

Johnson’s office, 10 Downing Street, has released a statement after the news leaked.

“It is very unfortunate that this happened at a time of national mourning. 10 Downing Street has apologized to the palace,” said a spokesman for the prime minister.

It is the umpteenth time that Johnson has apologized for his own behavior or that of his employees in corona time. An investigation is underway into reports of at least seven drinks in which government employees have violated the corona rules.

On Wednesday, Johnson apologized for a party in the garden of his official residence in May 2020, which he also attended. Johnson said he thought it was a work meeting and that’s why it was allowed.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Johnson is being called on by more and more people to resign. Also prominent politicians of his own Conservative Party openly reject him.


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