‘He didn’t answer my call and now he’s feeling bad’, fast bowler teases Rameez Raja

After the change in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), former board chairman Ramiz Raja was mocked by the Pakistani team’s fast bowler Wahab Riaz. Wahab said that if Rameez Raja feels bad, I feel bad too when he doesn’t answer my calls and messages. Wahab spoke remembering the time when Rameez Raja completely ignored him.

Speaking about the former PCB Chairman, Wahab Riaz said, “After being removed from the role of PBC Chairman, Rameez Raja said that as a former player, he should not have been treated like this. That’s why I said about them. The fact is that he had called him four times and had sent him messages two or three times, but he did not answer. He didn’t take my calls or respond to messages. I just want to say that if he feels bad, I felt bad at the time too. At least he could have responded.”

Wahab further said: “Whatever happened to Rameez Raja was because of the government. I had no role in removing them. But if he is talking about respect then it should be the same for everyone. It shouldn’t matter if one is small, big or ex-cricketer. Everyone should be treated well. Wahab also said that during Rameez Raja’s presidency, he had to face all kinds of difficulties from the junta.

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