To describe the charges against Nicolas G., the president of the criminal court of Saint-Brieuc, Stéphanie Guéguan, found no other word than “hallucinating”. This former elected representative of the city of Quimper claimed to be a nurse to be able to perform injections on several women and take blood from them. Two of his five victims were also sexually assaulted.

At the end of the hearing, this Tuesday, October 12, the man was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended, and nearly 15,000 euros in damages. A sentence that will be carried out under electronic surveillance. He was also registered in the national file of sexual predators, is deprived of his eligibility rights and obviously no longer has the right to perform any medical act.

Victims “harassed for months”

In fact, Nicolas G. has never been a nurse. Yet he presented himself as such in the face of his victims, always women. According to information from Telegram, he approached them by offering to participate in an alleged clinical study on the effects of stress. To make his point credible, he relied on a fictitious medical company and on a research protocol that was no less so. In the words of the president, Stéphanie Guéguan, the defendant did not hesitate to “harass[r] for months “its victims,” ​​until they feel obligated “.

Each time, her goal was to convince these women to submit to blood tests, or even injections, without injection. According to the elements presented before the criminal court of Saint-Brieuc, this forty-something would have a strange “obsession” for needles and female veins. Judging by the vials found by investigators during a search of the home of the defendant, one of the victims had at least nine blood samples. The process was filmed each time and, in some cases, resulted in touching.

The facts unfolded over the past two years. Tuesday’s hearing also followed a previous complaint, in February 2021. At the time, the former elected official admitted the facts and accepted an appearance in prior admission of guilt, assuring that the complainant was the only one to have suffered his actions. But when the case was relayed by the press, the other victims recognized their own ordeal and contacted the gendarmerie.

The psychiatric examination carried out on Nicolas G. revealed a narcissistic and manipulative personality, as well as a lack of empathy. The attitude of the defendant, who assured that he “never thought of causing such moral damage”, suggests to the experts that there may be other victims, apart from the five civil parties gathered for the trial.


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