He asks for a vegan meal during his plane trip and receives… a banana

It’s a plane trip he will remember. While flying business class with Japan Airlines, a vegan passenger received a more than light meal, reports Business Insider relayed by Capital.

In this flight connecting Jakarta (Indonesia) to Tokyo (Japan), two meals were planned: a snack and a refreshment after take-off, then a lunch. It was during the first meal that the passenger had the bad surprise: for vegan customers, the only thing on the menu was a simple banana. Served with chopsticks of course. The traveler, shocked, took a photo.

An apology from the airline

The other passengers were treated to pan-fried tuna, a Moroccan eggplant salad and cheese. “It’s a little insulting to be served just one banana when others are given a much more substantial and tasty menu,” he told Business Insider.

After the fact, the airline issued an apology, confirming that all travelers on special diets had been given a banana as a snack. Fortunately for him, the passenger was able to enjoy a heartier meal for lunch through a plate of spaghetti. But once again, the meat menus were well supplied, sought after and appetizing.

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