HBO will no longer be available on the Amazon Prime service

Users of the Amazon Prime Video service will no longer have access to HBO content. This is the result of a decision by WarnerMedia, the company that controls HBO, after Amazon refused to support HBO Max if it was not available on its channels.

WarnerMedia’s presence on Amazon Prime allowed users of the latter service to have easier access to HBO content through their Amazon accounts.

Several international media are reporting that HBO could lose around 5 million subscribers. To try to reverse this situation, HBO may offer former Amazon subscribers a discount to persuade them to sign on to HBO Max, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apple TV without access to HBO content

With this decision, WarnerMedia intends to create a direct connection with users, through HBO Max, without resorting to intermediaries. In this sense, Apple TV also does not offer its users HBO as a premium add-on.

In an August interview with the Bloomberg news agency, HBO CEO Max Andy Forssell had already stated that “a selection in a short period of time made sense in the long term if the company could consolidate access, with the aim of building a more direct relationship with users “.

HBO Max in Portugal only in 2022

But the HBO Max app will continue to be available on Amazon Fire TV devices. Which means that these users will not lose access to HBO content.

Remember that HBO Max will arrive in Europe in October. However, Portugal is not included in this debut. In Portuguese lands, this transmission service is only expected to arrive in 2022.

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