HBD Sunil Gavaskar: When the Little Master scored 36 runs after playing 60 complete overs in the World Cup…

Today, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar celebrates his 74th birthday. Sunil Gavaskar, popularly known as Little Master, is one of the familiar faces of the commentary box. But do you know that Little Master played such innings, which cricket fans have not forgotten to date? In fact, England faced India team in the 1975 World Cup… This match between India and England was played on June 7, 1975. In this match, there was a target of 335 runs for victory against the India team, but Sunil Gavaskar played that innings, which is still on the minds of cricket fans.

In response to England’s 335 runs, the India team were able to score just 132 runs for 3 wickets in 60 overs. Sunil Gavaskar played a very slow innings of 36 not off 174 balls. Actually, Sunil Gavaskar came to bat as a starter, he batted for the full 60 overs. Let’s say at the time ODI matches were 60 overs instead of 50 overs. Sunil Gavaskar had to face a lot of criticism due to his slow tackling. In this match he scored runs at a strike rate of just 20.60. Also, he could only hit 1 four in his innings.

On the other hand, speaking of this match, England came out to bat first and scored 334 runs from 4 wickets in 60 overs. Dennis Amiss played a brilliant century for England. This England batsman scored 137 runs. Apart from this, Keith Fletcher chipped in 68 runs. While Chris Old played out a stormy 51-run innings off just 30 balls. In this match, the India team had to face defeat by 202 runs. But cricket fans still remember the match because of the slow innings of Sunil Gavaskar. This is one of the slowest innings in cricket history.

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