Hawaii Airport Security Breach: Man Arrested for Carrying Grenades in Handbag

Airport Evacuated in Hawaii After Passengers’ Luggage Scan Reveals Deactivated Grenades

Hilo Airport Briefly Evacuated due to Suspicious Luggage

A 41-year-old Japanese citizen was arrested at a Hawaii airport on Tuesday after security personnel discovered two deactivated grenades in his carry-on luggage, prompting a brief evacuation of the terminal.

Incident Leads to Bomb Squad Investigation

A bomb squad was called in to examine the suspicious objects detected by X-ray scanners, causing concern among passengers. However, after a thorough review, the authorities concluded that the objects were inert and empty, posing no threat to the safety of the airport or its travelers.

No Further Details Disclosed

The incident is believed to have been an isolated event, and no further information has been disclosed regarding the motives or background of the arrested individual.

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