“Having your own company is a bit scary, but it’s very nice”

We interview Roberta Piana, a professional in the digital world for more than 10 years and an entrepreneur with her Agency Esedigital. Roberta is Italian and came to Spain on Erasmus back in the 2002-2003 academic year while studying Spanish Language and Literature. She fell in love with a Spaniard and returned to stay in 2007 when she also discovered the digital channel. Here we tell their story.

Roberta Piana, Marketing Manager and Co founder of Esedigital

This episode of SheCommerce has made me personally very excited. I met Roberta Piana when she was on Erasmus in Madrid 18 years ago. Then she returned to Italy and we never saw each other again. Social networks today allow situations like this. We were connected in several of our personal networks and looking for entrepreneurial women to interview in this section, Roberta appeared in my environment, who lived in Madrid. So I wrote to him, I asked him if he remembered me and if he would like to participate in our interviews #SheCommerce to which he kindly agreed.

We stayed with her on a typical Madrid autumnal morning, with more and more tree leaves on the ground, and a cold that increasingly reminds us that the summer heat passed away. The city of Madrid already resembles what it was before the sad COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all and traffic and noise are already very present. “What a joy to see you again” He tells me at the same time that I repeat the same phrase as soon as we meet. Life, moments, reunions. Twenty years is nothing, said Carlos Gardel’s tango. 18 is a lot. From being two young people who just entered their twenties, they were left to go out, to two professionals, coincidences of life, of the digital world, with family, children, and much to be told.

After his Erasmus year in Madrid, and finishing his degree in “Lingue e Letterature Straniere” by “Università degli Studi di Genova “, Roberta decided to continue her training in various European countries such as England, Ireland and later in Spain, where she began her professional career. The first contact with the world of online communication was working at the Italian Embassy in Madrid and through a collaboration in a blogging project (Blogosferehttp: //spagna.blogosfere.it) of the “Sole 24 ore”.

He has been working for almost 7 years in one of the most important online marketing agencies in the country (Mean T2O) where he was responsible for the SEO Offsite work. Subsequently, his next challenge was in eShop Ventures where, in addition to being in charge of SEO content and inbound marketing strategies, he took the reins of On-page SEO optimization work at a technical and semantic level. Later he became part from the Acierto.com team, the leading independent insurance comparator in Spain.

Thus, the moment came when she decided to transform her main work objective, and together with her husband Sergio Martinez, decided to start up Esedigital (www.esedigital.it), where it is dedicated to the design of SEO strategies for the company’s clients. A project that arose at the same time as a mother, with the benefits that this entails for women: “Having your own company is something that is a little scary, but at the same time it is very beautiful, and it is frankly worth it” Explain Roberta. “I was encouraged by personal situations (I had just become a mother), maybe if that doesn’t happen to me I won’t be encouraged, but once it’s done I would never back down. It is the best model to reconcile work life and have a family “ added.

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A company, Esedigital, which counts as added value “Agility”. Roberta explains that our value is that “We are a small agency, with a small team that we adapt to the client and we can solve problems in a short time. Then, due to our profiles, we also have the value of acting as a link between developers and content. We know the technology, but also the business “ indicated us.

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, we commented that it has been a clear promoter of teleworking, helping many people, and especially women, to reconcile their personal and professional lives: “Before the pandemic we had an office, but with COVID-19 for 6 months we left the office on stand-by and now we are the whole team working from home, and the truth is that we are very well” states Roberta, detailing the benefits of this practice: “It is much more agile, you save time traveling and at the same time you are more productive. Now we all have 4-5 calls a day that making them physically in one day would be impossible ”.

A form of work that obviously helps conciliation, something that for Robera should be supported more in our country: “I think that helping to reconcile should be worked much more on a global level. Life is not only work, it is more important than work, therefore measures are necessary to help it ”. In this point, our protagonist of this Shecommerce, believes that measures such as flexibility or setting up nurseries would help in this regard: “It would be necessary to encourage flexible hours, because there are still companies that force a fixed schedule, even forcing people to stop for 2 hours to eat. In our sector perhaps it is not so common, but I know cases that continue to stop at noon for a long time. It would also help to reconcile the existence of nurseries, especially in large corporations or in places where it was possible to put 4-5 children “ Roberta states.

Finally, from a brave woman to others who want to be, asked about what advice she would give to other women who want to start or grow in their companies, Roberta details them: “The most important thing of all is to have clear ideas, a goal. Then obviously you have to put in long hours and take on many responsibilities, but it has positive things and the achievements you get are yours. There is no need to be afraid either. Here in Spain we may want to be more comfortable, but in other countries, even in Italy, I see more entrepreneurial spirit. There is a lot of talent here, and if you have the knowledge and desire, it is a good option ”.

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